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Submitted on
March 2, 2006



Quickie commissions

Thu Mar 2, 2006, 7:15 AM
Me n teh catsters

I'm a sad artist at the moment - my family will have to cancel their planned trip to come visit me here on the island.

My father is with the Red Cross, and was supposed to hold a seminar-thingy here on Gotland about how to deal with tragedy and crisis, and tell them about when he and my mother were in Thailand last winter, helping Tsunami survivors.
And since he'd have the trip paid, my family intended to tag along in the car, thus only having to pay for the ferry tickets to come to see me.

Well, apparently the people who had booked the seminar canceled it due to too few participants.
And my parents still haven't really recovered financially after their car broke down and needed fixing a while back, so they can't afford to pay for the whole trip themselves.

This is why, for just a few days, I will be doing small and simple (and cheap!) quickie-commissions to try and make it possible for them to visit after all. I'd been looking forward to it for so long, and it just sucks if they can't come.

Soo, long story short - you can find more info as well as sending commission-requests over in my LiveJournal; Here.

Any takers?

Gate of Mists - Alaeitha by silvestris 2004 by silvestris Trollskogsdrommar by silvestris Pangaea - Lotus Dream by silvestris
Tanin - Shi'lin Pantheron by silvestris :shop190032: :shop39642:
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Thank you. ^_^
Miyukitty Mar 2, 2006   Traditional Artist
Good luck, Silvy-sama...Miyu's broke, but she would help you. ._.
I appreciate it. ^_^
Miyukitty Mar 8, 2006   Traditional Artist
I'm more interested than mere words may express. *goes to check*
:hug: I wish I could but I can't :( I love my orcas though. They look pretty in my room :heart: Best Wishes, and I hope they can come see you.
I'm glad you're happy with them. :)
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