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Because of DeviantArt's new terms, I'm pulling all my original images, leaving only 'thumbnails' here. You can find the real picture here.

Pangaea: The king of Kayalana and the lord of Machra-la... Who knew politics could be so much fun?
Rylerion and Lapis Lazuli, two main characters from Pangaea. This image was commissioned by the yaoi-fan Chigrima.
( Getting paid to draw Pangaea-slash? Whee! I'm a happy artist. ,)

Media used: Mechanic pencil, stomp
Characters and image silvestris (me) and may not be used without permission.
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Caladria Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2005
I love it. I love it so much I'd marry it...if I didn't already have the cute yaoi-hater. :D
shellpresto Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
Your pencil work is magnificent. You should do it more often. It has a very different feel from your colored work. This is, as everything you draw seems to be, magnificent.
silvestris Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2005
Thank you. :)
fiercebloodlove Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005
it's lovely and very well drawn,love the hair~kaida
savageangel Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2005
This should be colored, very wonderful drawing, you do beautiful work. If I could draw like that, hehe, I'd draw too much.....
JRock-Prophet Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2004
May I ask where you got this pose from? I want to draw yaoi because I have enough characters of that disposition but I have trouble finding poses. .... any tips?
silvestris Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004
Well, a general altavista/google/whatever image-search on obvious keywords like 'gay', 'sex' and the like will usually turn up at least some good pictures one can use for reference. Of course, you get a lot of crap as well that way, but, eh. At least you have fun while searching. >,)p
JRock-Prophet Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004
Heehee. Yeah. That's what I generally do. Heehee. Ok. I'll just do that, then. Congrats again for a coolie pic. ;p
JRock-Prophet Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2004
Ooooh... I love. They are beautiful.
ghostbardew Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Lots of comments on this one, Silvy. I happened to find you on someone else's favorites list. Didn't know you had a DA gallery. Actually, I think I remember you saying you did but I wasn't paying attention. *grin* I love these two...they're such a fun pairing. Remind me to send you the next Isokell+Rannon story my goofball muses have come up with after I get back from vacation and get it finished. Man, they're working overtime on fan fic this week.
silvestris Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004
Yaay, fanfic! Much looking forward to it. ;)
turquoisetelescope Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2004
mmm sexual tension- rwarr...
EvilTwinSkippy Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2004
aw so cute!! i love this!
MistressVixen Featured By Owner May 26, 2004
It's really nice to see more of your pencil work . . . Don't get me wrong, if I had money I'd have prints of nearily all of your digital work, too. I love your men . . . so bisexually manly :devilish:
tseer Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2004
wow, this is awesome. The mouths and faces ares so sensual, it's beautiful to look at! Gorgeous composition and detail..
ChildOfPuck Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
Aww... it's so sweet! Their positions are a lovey/cuddley kind of sexy and the guy on top's expression is so cuuuute! And again, you are awesome with HAIR! LOOK AT IT! IT'S GORGEOUS! :jawdrop:
brighnasa Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2004   Digital Artist
That's gorgeous. Such beautiful faces and they fit together very well.

AirenWoodmoon Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Oh wow...the faces are fantastic, the hair is so delecate and the skin is perfect. :worship: This is my favorite of yours.
UNIesque Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2004   Digital Artist
I'm not really a Yaoi fan, but this is awesome! ^_^ Too Kawaii!
Zephyri Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, now there's an idea for a birthday present... I must remember that, to get someone to commission a Pangaea pic from you for my next birthday.

Once again, sublimme work, Silvy. Rion looks so wonderfully contented, the body language is gorgeous.
silvestris Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2004
Hee! Sounds perfect. ;)p

Took a look at your DA gallery - haven't been there before. Gods, you've got so much beautiful stuff up there... o.o
Zephyri Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Its a deal then!
ladypeace Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2004
excellant work! this is a very fine piece. :)
zenyth Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
ah! Where's the colour??!! - I'm too used to seeing colour on your DA works!!

Lovely work, they both look so contented and happy - i simply love the way you do hair - it looks perfect.

...still, i think it might be asking for colour - just quietly ;)
leotheyardiechick Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
I am definately not a yaoi/shounen ai/slash fan at all, but I have to give you props for your artistic skills. You certainly know how to work them pencils, lady.
NorwayFox Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Ooo, they both have such pretty long hair! And they both look so soft, I just want to pet their backs. ^^; I love their expressions and poses; this is just all around awesome!
lilena Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutly amazing. But I always expect the best from you. =D Been a fan for a long long time. I think the hair is my favortie part.. So real an so beautiful!
Lady-Silvercat Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Beautiful pencil work. How do you keep it so clean? Very lovely picture. :)
andrea-koupal Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Very nice work on the faces and hair. It's realistic, yet still has a light ethereal fantasy touch. :)
kuroiookami Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Oh man, t'is sweet! I love the hair! So silky looking I wanna touch it. ;) Awesome shading!

SceaduBregdan Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
*purrs* Very nice.
ArtbyZaheroux Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004   Traditional Artist
wonderful job! very sweet like
Feraz Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
rrrrrrrrrrr ^^
very... very nice.
so handsome boys ^^
ProwlnJazz Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Fweee.....they look so sweet and loving.
ValkyrieNZ Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, so gorgeous! Who could resist such beautiful hot men! *drool* Absolutely fantastic work! :+fav: :heart: :D
SoulofInnocenceX Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
OMG! So so so cute. I love this picture. This is great. Your expressions are priceless and the flow of the hair is great. Over all, a great piece. No color, which is odd for you. It's neat to see.
delsys Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
So splendid!!!
variablemisery Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Holy... well. Holy F**k o_O xD
You just are getting better and better! I adore the way you drew Lazuli's face. This picture seems much more realistic than your other ones.
A definite favorite.
dobharcu Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Hobbyist
Aw, this is so pretty. Wow, you are amazing with pencil too! And its mechanical pencil too! Oh, it's just so pretty. I love the sweet looks on their faces, and the hair. Beautiful.
kami-sama Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Aha, they look so happy ^_^ I love their expressions .. you've managed to bring out such genuine feeling it it ^_^ <3!
nolavon Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Oo I dun know why but the lips really stand out to me as absolutely gorgeous. I wishes you would upload more often but I'm content with an occassional pretty as long as its pretty...and this is n__n
yvaul Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004

You NEVER fail to impress.

Chrizzyfurr Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
great pic, i can see why you get payed for this. a lot of detail, great hair, well everything looks great. hahahaha i love the way you draw it nude but not shocking lovely done.
:hug::heart: anya
sonettie Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:jawdrop: :drool: Oh my goodness....
:worship: I love the softness of the shading and the looks upon their face's, simple wonderful hun!
flambewater Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Nicely draw but I must say I don't like yaoi/gay things somemuch, I just don't like it. But verry nicely done!
darktoki Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
myuu... hot guys makeing out. how can i resist?
hokuto Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004

Damn, your pencil shading is fantastic - smooth and soft and beautifully real.

If I tried to comment on anything else, drool would get all over my keyboard. X3 Suffice to say I am wowed and love the hell out of this and wish I had commissoned it first.
JessicaMDouglas Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Professional General Artist
*laughs* I see what you meant about the commission. Tsk, lucky creature. I don't think I've ever seen just pencilwork from you lovey. It's beautiful, such soft shading, such sweet expressions..... I rather like it.

*grin* and yes, I'm back in the country early. Muahahaha.
Kata Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Very awll drawn!! :D
NybeKat Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
Oooh, very nice! I like the feeling and their face ^^
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