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March 12, 2012
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Girls Are An Acquired Taste by silvestris Girls Are An Acquired Taste by silvestris
A 45-year age difference, differing sexual orientations and general moral opinion are just trifle problems to be brushed aside. Jessica can be very persuasive. John resignedly opts to choose his battles.
Strangely, it always works out.
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I love both this drawing and your description.
Thank you! I'm very fond of those two and their dynamics. :heart:
You're most welcome!
daxusx Apr 14, 2012
this cute and sexy :love: at the same timeeeee!!!
Lawenta Mar 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think this is a taste that acquired itself. Like a stray cat who decides you're the perfect human for it and refuses to leave until you admit feeding and snuggling a cat is something you've wanted your whole life. :XD:

She looks so tiny against him, even younger than she is... but that can't stop her, can it? :XD:
Interesting style, too. It looks like black and white without any grays at first, but there are grays on parts of the lineart, creating the feeling of being hidden in shadow. Yet it's all sharp contrast, no gradients... Very interesting :)
Yes, I don't think John set out to give girls another go. It just got happened to him. XD

She is pretty short, yes, and that huge hair makes her body look slimmer than it really is in comparison. XD
And she argues that if she's old enough to go risk her life every single night in close combat with the undead, she's damn well old enough to get laid. Gotta have some perks come with the territory, you know?

I wanted it to look like a page out of an old comic, slightly yellowed and faded. Solid shading is a pain, though.
Lawenta Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess it's one of these cases when you're into men... and one particular girl. :XD:

I'm not sure who's going to get laid, technically speaking. :D
The other thing is, if your life consists of killing zombies, you're probably traumatized enough that "inappropriate" sex might do you some good for a change. Borderline situations create borderline behaviour. :shrug:
Which is basically what she's saying herself, I realize :)

Yupp, a comic was something that came to mind, but I wasn't sure whether you'd take that as a compliment ;)
He did have a relationship with a woman once, a long time ago (you know, don't bash it til you've tried it and so on). It's not really his thing.
But Jessica just marched into his heart, flopped down and made herself comfortable. He's mostly resigned about it - he does love her in his own way, and the sex isn't bad, it's just... somewhat lacking in penis. u.u

XD There is that.
But yes, that is one of her foremost argument - the world has ended, who's to say what's 'right' or 'wrong' anymore? Old rules and morals don't apply, and frankly she's more at home in this new dangerous world than she ever really felt before.

I do. Thank you. :)
Lawenta Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sometimes, penis or no penis is one of those details which are unimportant compared to other aspects of the relationship. :D

I hope I'll never really have to try it in some extreme situation, but I do believe the closeness of death makes people more aware of being alive and determined to live fully. One of the reasons I wouldn't really want to be immortal :)

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